Our Clients

ABCO Peerless directs its efforts to fully satisfy our client's needs.

We understand the difference in style when providing services in a fully-operational hotel, office or plant situation, as opposed to a new construction environment.

Our clients are able to delegate to us whatever responsibility suits their purposes, whether it be a complete fire protection installation, alteration work, renovations, service and repairs, inspections, testing, or special applications of carbon dioxide or alternative gases.                        


Our client list includes these distinguished addresses:

2 Penn Plaza, NYC
30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
1045 Ave of the Americas, NYC
1155 Ave of the Americas, NYC
1133 Ave of the Americas, NYC
1185 Ave of the Americas, NYC
1251 Ave of the Americas, NYC
1301 Ave of the Americas, NYC
466 Lexington Ave, NYC
260 Madison Ave, NYC
261 Madison Ave, NYC
330 Madison Ave, NYC
520 Madison Ave, NYC
2 Park Ave, NYC
277 Park Ave, NYC
405 Park Ave, NYC
1011 1st Ave, NYC
600 3rd Ave, NYC
733 3rd Ave, NYC
909 3rd Ave, NYC
825 3rd Ave, NYC
680 5th Ave, NYC
712 5th Ave, NYC
52 Broadway, NYC
120 Broadway, NYC
233 Broadway, NYC
201 E 42nd St, NYC
200 E 42nd St, NYC
38/40 E 61st St, NYC
425 E 61st St, NYC
20 Broad Street, NYC
100 Church St, NYC
90 Church St, NYC
22 Courtlandt St, NYC
390 Greenwich St, NYC
375 Greenwich St, NYC
375 Hudson St, NYC
395 Hudson St, NYC
225 Liberty St, NYC
33 Maiden Lane, NYC
200 Vesey St, NYC
250 Vesey St, NYC
55 Water St, NYC
175 Water St, NYC
NY Public Library Archive,
42nd St & 5th Ave, NYC
Morgan Station Post Office, NYC
Astor House, 515 E. 79th St, NYC
MONY, 1740 Broadway, NYC
Philip Morris, 120 Park Ave, NYC
St. Regis Hotel, 55th St & 5th Ave, NYC
Bristol Meyers, 345 Park Ave, NYC
Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn
Seaport Museum, South Street Seaport, NYC
Pier 17, South Street Seaport, NYC
Omni Park Hotel, 56th St & 7th Ave, NYC
Delta Airlines, LaGuardia Airport, NYC
Huntington Quadrangle, Huntington, Long Island
Jericho Quadrangle, Jericho, Long Island
Huntington Resource Recovery Facility
Huntington, Long Island
Babylon Resource Recovery Facility
Babylon, Long Island


ABCO Family of Companies

ABCO Peerless
Sprinkler Corporation
Design and installation of fire suppression piping systems.
Modern Sprinkler Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire suppression systems. Established in 1932.
ABCO Peerless
Fire Suppression Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of gaseous-based fire suppression systems.
ABCO Peerless
Engineering, P.C.
Engineering design services for all ABCO Peerless companies.

Did You Know?

In the majority of fires, only one or two sprinkler heads activate to control and confine the fire.
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