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About Sprinkler Systems:

How effective are fire sprinklers?
How do fire sprinklers operate?
When a fire starts, do all sprinklers discharge at once?
Can sprinklers discharge accidentally?
How reliable are fire sprinklers?
How much water damage is caused by sprinklers?
What is the life safety record for fully sprinklered buildings?
What is a "listed" sprinkler?
What is a residential sprinkler?
What is a quick response sprinkler?

About Cost:

What are the "trade-offs" between fire protection system costs and savings?

About Inspection:

How often should my system be inspected?
How does inspection affect my insurance rate?
How does inspection affect my liability?

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How Fire Suppression Systems Work:

Wet Systems
Dry Systems
Preaction Systems
Deluge Systems

Sprinkler Heads:

All about automatic sprinkler heads, new and old



Modern Sprinkler Corporation


Viking Corporation
Fike, Inc.
Reliable, Inc.
Chemetron, Inc.

Trade Associations:

National Fire Sprinkler Association
Mechanical Contractors Association of New York
Mechanical Contractors Association of America
Society of Fire Protection Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
National Association for Certification of Engineering Technologies
Fire Suppression Systems Association

Product Recalls:

U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission Recall Notices


ABCO Family of Companies

ABCO Peerless
Sprinkler Corporation
Design and installation of fire suppression piping systems.
Modern Sprinkler Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire suppression systems. Established in 1932.
ABCO Peerless
Fire Suppression Corporation
Inspection, testing and maintenance of gaseous-based fire suppression systems.
ABCO Peerless
Engineering, P.C.
Engineering design services for all ABCO Peerless companies.

Did You Know?

In the majority of fires, only one or two sprinkler heads activate to control and confine the fire.
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